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Donation Wildfires Turkey

Dear visitors,

By now you must have been aware of the devastating wildfires in Turkey. We will be donating 100% of the sales of the Evil Eye Towels in the month August to causes helping the affected areas. The beautiful towels are handmade by the talented people of the Muğla district who are now fighting the wildfires. Giving back is the least we can do. The money will be donated to HAYTAP and AKUT. These organizations are actively giving aid to people & animals and are trying to stop the wildfires right at this moment.

Years ago we fell in love with the beautiful Muğla region of Turkey and we even named one of our children after an ancient city in this district. Just as our holiday in Fethiye was ending in the wildfires started. The wildfires are sadly continuing to immensely effect the residents, animals and nature all across Turkey. We arrived back home yesterday with a very heavy heart and feeling helpless about the situation.

We already made our personal donation but we also feel the urge to do something out of the name of Project Nazar. You will of course receive a proof of your donation. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out.

With love & gratitude.

Evil Eye Towel