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The evil eye can be found all around the world. Its history dates back to ancient cultures and is even mentioned by the great writer Shakespeare in his plays. From the Brazilian Mal de ojo, to the Greek Mati (μάτι) and the Turkish Nazar Boncuk (Nazar boncuğu) it’s highly likely that you’ve encountered the evil eye at some point in your life. But what is the story behind the evil eye?

The evil eye is a curse believed to be cast by an evil glare, usually given to a person when they are unaware. Many cultures believe that receiving the evil eye from someone will cause bad luck. Amulets created to protect against the evil eye are also called nazar boncuğu. The nazar reflects the negative energy back to the person that is casting the curse and protects you from any harm. Overall it is a symbol of good luck and protection.

Project Nazar offers hand-crafted goods to bless and protect those we truly admire. Unique and original, to gift yourself and your loved ones.


Ik ben zo blij dat ik je website ben tegengekomen en dat je zulke mooie stukken maakt. Heel bijzonder, en ons werk krijgt zeker een mooie plek!


It is stunning! Absolutely love it!

Eline saglik. Thank you so much.


Zo blij met de mooie schildering in lijstje. Heel erg bedankt echt beeldschoon. 💙 Een sieraad in ons huisje.


Ik heb zojuist mijn pakketje ontvangen. Prachtig! Cok tesekkur ederim. Mijn complimenten voor het product tot aan de verpakking!


I received my order a few days ago in the post and I have to say I am extremely happy with the purchase. It’s such a lovey bag and I bring it everywhere now! Thank you so much for this little gift, and also your note and flowers that came with it.


I would like to thank you for warm wishes and beautiful item- I just received it. 

Ps. It was packed so nicely that I procrastinated to unwrap it. :)) 


Heb net mijn bracelet binnen en ik vind hem prachtig. Dankjewel voor de snelle levering en het kaartje! 


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